Cell Phone Rules for Children: The Dangers of Teenage Children Texting While Driving

Cell Phones For Kids

In this digital era, it is easier than before to keep in touch, but the convenience of technology means more risks behind the wheel. You have definitely heard of this before, a person driving, texting on his/her phone while at the same time trying to keep her/his eyes on the road. And while this habit may seem very risky, one group that seem to be the most serious offenders are teens.

Research has shown that one in four teens with driving licenses admits to texting while on the wheel, and around half of all teenagers from 12-17 have been in the car with a person who has texted while on the wheel.

What is more worrying about this research is that the same study found teens know exactly the dangers of teenage texting while driving, but the need to connect with friends usually comes before safety.

The Dangers of Teenage Texting While Driving

The outcomes of these risky habits can be devastating. According to a report, motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of drivers between the ages of 15-20, and tend to claim over 6,000 lives every year. Professionals blame inexperience behind the wheel together with poor decision making, such as , distracting passengers, speeding, and texting , for these worrying high numbers.

What Can Be Done

What is the solution to help teenagers understand the consequences? Certain places are taking an extreme step to help curb this rising trend.

  • Create Restrictions: Drivers who are inexperienced should only be behind the wheel during the day, on familiar roads, and no teenage passenger should be present.
  • Be a good role model s by obeying traffic rules, avoid the use of gadgets while driving, and show courtesy to other drivers.
  • Talk about dangers of teenage texting while driving and how to prevent this. Talk about the importance of putting on a seat belt, and the dangers of driving during the night, while on phone, or with teenage passengers.

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