Cell Phone Rules for Children: School and the Classroom


Students should not use cell phones in the classroom. Parents and teachers need to establish and enforce strict rules regarding cell phone use in school.

Use of cellphones in schools has a lot of arguments. Some would say that students be allowed to use cellphones but others would say not. Though use of cellphone is one way of preparing a child for future adult life, it can result to a number of issues when allowed to be used during class time. There are a number of reasons that justify why kids should not use cell phones at school, especially in the classroom. Cellphone use on class can cause a lot of distractions. Ideally, the main reason of sending our children to school is to go and learn. For learning to be successful, there should be no single distraction. Having access to mobile phones in class can make most of the students lose their focus on studies and divert to something else like texting messages, browsing the internet and even taking time looking at photographs. Besides, you can imagine how noisy the classroom would be if some of the students use loud ringtones when teaching is on.

Moreover, use of mobile phones in class can lead to socioeconomic diversity. If students are allowed to own mobile phones in classroom, some would come with the latest and expensive smartphones in the market. What do you think would come of the students from lower class families if they see other friends own the most expensive phones? There is a likelihood of most of them becoming resentful and jealous. This may cause some division among the students. Here it was better not to allow any student have access to cellphone when they are in class. Similarly, there is a possibility of theft arising. Those who own lower end phones can result into stealing from those having expensive phones. Some could even break into other student’s property looking for the most valuable phones.

Use of mobile phones in classroom can result into cheating. Passing of notes and text messages especially during exam time is the most common thing that would come of most students. Most of the students can even use their classroom time to go out to send messages and even voicemails. Similarly, use of the internet in this generation is becoming a common thing. Therefore if students are allowed to use their phones, they will not have time to read provided that they will have access to all the answers from the internet. This encourages laziness on the part of the students.

Students can also be easily targeted by predators if they are allowed to freely use their mobile phones. If they are not monitored on their online activities, then they can be misled by the any predators that lurk in social media sites such as twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn. They can easily be targeted by their predators online if thorough supervision is not provided.

However, the use of cellphones is not a bad issue provided that students are going to be given guidelines on how they are going to use the same gadgets in class for constructive work. It is therefore very important for the parents to check on the rules as most of the schools do not allow students have their cellphones in class. Before sending your child to school with a cellphone, it is very important that you see the rules first.

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