Cell Phone Rules for Children: Avoid Dangerous Apps For Kids

Cell Phones For Kids

Children should not download any apps, even if they are free, without first getting permission from their parents.

With rapidly advancing technology and world modernization, getting a mobile phone for your kid is not such a bad idea because it will help them to connect with the world. There are so many educational materials that a kid can get from a mobile phone. As you know, everyone nowadays is dependent on the internet to get answers to many questions. Also, leaving a kid at the home when going to work can be hard, especially if there is no way to get in touch. A mobile phone will give you the necessary connectivity with your kid, hence giving you the peace of mind.

That’s all great, but kids will sometimes get bored when they are alone. If your kids has a mobile phone, they are able to access different games that will keep them engaged.
In this regard, I would say that a mobile phone for your kid is very important. However, there is a negative side of it. The phones in the market are smart and have all kinds of applications. Some of the applications especially those containing adult or mature materials can be very dangerous to your kid’s life if downloaded to their phones phone. Adult material can corrupt and manipulate a kid’s way of thinking at a very tender age if they have too much exposure.

What should you do to prevent your child from accessing inappropriate material? The most important thing is to use parental controls on your child’s cell phone to prevent your kid from accessing these dangerous apps. All modern phones have tools that allow a users to block sites so that only you as an adult can access them. Since kids are curious by nature they want to try everything they see and read, parental controls will help to prevent exposure to immoral and adult material.

There are thousands of apps available on the market and many are free. While you may not think these apps are dangerous, here are three popular apps that can be dangerous for kids:

  1. Whatsapp – This app may lead to a kid sending or receiving inappropriate photos and texts.
  2. Facebook- Can be dangerous because a kid will start chatting with strangers and the site contains a lot of adult stuff.
  3. Whisper – Since it’s anonymous, there are people with ill intentions towards the youngsters and this is a way they can take advantage of anonymity.

Bottom line: Children should not download any apps, even if they are free, without first getting permission from their parents.

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