Cell Phone Kids

If you are like many parents that are looking for information on cell phones for children, you have come to the right place!

Cell Phone Kids was created to provide parents just like you, with all the information they need about cell phones for kids.

Here is a short introduction to just some of the topics and useful resources you’ll find on CellPhoneKids.org.

Cell Phones Designed for Kids

Did you know that major phone companies have designed cell phones specifically for children? The children’s cell phone market is booming. We have researched and evaluated both general market and child cell phones. Please check out our child cell phone reviews page for the latest reviews and recommendations.

Children Cell Phone Features

As a parent you need to make sure that your child’s cell phone has the essential features. These features are different than those typically found on an adult’s cell phone. We have identified the most critical, must have features for your child’s phone, and no, it’s not Angry Birds!
Cell Phones For Kids

Cell Phone Plans for Children

Cost and functionality are major factors when deciding which cell phone plan is best for your child. You have many options. Does it make sense to add your child to an existing family plan? Is a prepaid plan the best way to go? How many minutes does your child need. Does your child need a data plan? The list go on and on. Cell Phone Kids helps you make the best decision for you and your child.

Children’s Cell Phone Accessories

Once your kid has a cell phone you should consider some essential cell phone accessories for children. A cell phone can be expensive. Protective accessories can help keep your child’s device operational. A relatively small upfront cost can protect and extend your investment. If your home is anything like mine, you’ll also want to have an extra cell phone charger. Headsets are also a good idea. I insist that my child use a headset because it allows them to speak on the cell phone without holding it against their head.

Parenting Tips for Cell Phone Kids

The decision to get a cell phone for your kid is not just about finding the best price and features. Parents must establish firm rules for their children as part of the agreement to provide them with a cell phone. Rules around safe use, when and where cell phone use is permitted, the types of activities that are appropriate/inappropriate, should be written down and clearly communicated to your child.